Mash – (Justice Woman World Wide)

Mash – (Justice Woman World Wide)


Justice is a French electronic music duo from Paris. The Woman World Wide Tour (2017-2018), promoted the launch of their studio album Woman. This tour marked a revolution of DJ’s live shows by including complex lighting automation with minimal video effects. This tour is seen by most as the tour that changed the way to produce electronic music shows.

We were hired by Mash for this large project. A total of 48 Tour Lift 250KG gave life to their lighting pod, all controlled by our Raynok Control Software.

  • 48 Variable speed Tourlift 250 kg hoists
  • Control desk
  • Raynok

More information about our product used during this tour

  1. TOURLIFT : To come
  2. CONTROL CONSOLE : To come
  3. RAYNOK : To come