Robert en Charleboisscope

Robert en Charleboisscope

ShowSDT - Robert Charlebois - VDO screen automation system

Rigging and automation system

Robert Charlebois is one of Quebec’s greats singer/songwriters. To celebrate his 50 years of career, Robert Charlebois wanted to rejuvenate his songs, while offering them a resolutely modern and enchanting visual.

We were hired for this unique large-scale project as a supplier for the rigging and the automation system.

  • Complete rigging for video and lighting
    • 6 X SHOWSDT TourRig 1000 kg
    • 18 X SHOWSDT
    • Ladder Truss 24’’ wide X 96 ’’
  • Automation system for 6000 lb video system
    • VDO screen 1x SHOWSDT  IMPERIUM
    • 6 X SHOWSDT TourLift 1000 kg
ShowSDT - Robert Charlebois - video and lighting rigging