Our Capabilities


Anything you can imagine for your stage, WE CAN BUILD


All your custom manufacturing needs are fabricated in our Canadian shops. We can help you achieve your goals by modifying our standard products or building a custom unit specifically for you.

  • Staging, Platforms, Decks & Risers
  • Structures, Trussing & rigging
  • Custom stage curtains, Backdrop & Curtain track
  • Show Control
  • Automated rigging, Hoist & Power Distribution
  • All related accessories.


Stage decks, platforms and risers: any size, any design. Can be integrated with our motion products. They are available with all customs accessories built specifically for your needs: stairs, transport carts, wheels and more. Proudly made in Canada.

Stage Curtains

We operate one of the largest sewing shops in Canada. Some of the most iconic venues in North America use our stage curtains. Our experienced staff will help you design, specify and budget your custom stage curtains project. We also have long lasting relationship with fabric mills to make sure our clients have access to the best fabrics, fire retardant and accessories.

Trussing & Structures

Our engineering team can help you create, design, imagine & engineer custom trussing for your special needs. We will make sure everything is built exactly to spec and that it perfectly integrates our other lines of products like curtains & hoists.

Hoists & Controls

With over 20 years of experience in the automated rigging, we can help you move, turn, elevate, or fly anything in any direction. With the power of Raynok controls and our expertise there is virtually no limit to what can be done, only your imagination. (Automated rigging for more)