Nouvelle maison de Radio-Canada

Nouvelle maison de Radio-Canada

ShowSDT - Radio Canada - spring-driven cable reels


The Société Radio-Canada is emblematic by the quality of its television productions. It is therefore with pride that Artotech / Joel have just completed one of its most important projects to date, that is to say, La Nouvelle Maison de Radio-Canada. This was a design-build project in collaboration with Broccolini, Go, Multimedia, SNC-Lavalin and XYZ Cultural Technology. The work on this important mandate was carried out from October 2018 to August 2020.

Our great pride is, among other things, our participation in the realization of the main television studio! For the latter, we collaborated on the integration, supplied and installed a large portion of state-of-the-art equipment:

  • 84 motorized forwarders
    • Vortek model winches manufactured by ETC
    • Speed ​​of 30 feet / minute
    • Winches of either 650 lbs and 1150 lbs capacity
    • Safety factor 10: 1
  • Control system
    • ETC Foundation Console and Wireless Controller
    • 1 single system to operate the 84 battens
    • Leading edge multi-user system
  • Power supply
    • 2 types of spring-driven cable reels per batten
    • 208 V, 120 V and CAT 6 power outlets
    • Allows smooth movement of cables with battens
  • Scenic curtain system
    • Crescent IFR Velvet
    • Curtain track switcher system
ShowSDT - Radio Canada - Stage curtains system
ShowSDT - Radio Canada - spring-driven cable reels

We also supplied other equipment for the various studios, such as the grids, cable trays, stage curtains, etc.

The entire Artotech-Joel team is pleased to offer modern, high-performance studios to Nouvelle Maison Radio-Canada that will greatly improve the work and safety of its technicians.


Photos credit: Nils Becker

ShowSDT- Maison Radio Canada - Wireless Control Console