Palais Montcalm

Palais Montcalm


The ‘’Palais Montcalm’’ is in the heart of the Old Quebec and is an important part of the social, artistic, and cultural life of Quebec City. It has the mission to develop and promote regional, national and international classical musical throughout its installations.

We were hired to synchronise 6 hoists with a capacity of more than 6000KG to move the impressive 25 ton canopy used for sound deflection. There is also a custom-made truss around the canopy controlled by 5 hoists with each 1000 kg capacity.

The sound system is also controlled by our hoists. Four hoists are used to select height depending on the room configuration and event type. The most complex part of this project was to make sure all maneuvers were as simple as could be. All the hoists are controlled by a single remote, making it amazingly simple to use without neglecting positioning precision and security.

This type of control was a world premiere.

  • 6x Tour Rig 6300 kg
  • 9x Tour Rig 1000 kg
  • Wall Control SD-1500
  • Remote Controller SD-PRC-16

More information about our product used during this tour

  1. TOUR RIG : To come
  2. WALL CONTROL : To come